Aoi Hikaru Ga Chikyuu Ni Itakoro Bahasa Indonesia

"Aoi" When Hikaru was on the earth, "葵" ヒカルが地球にいたころ……
Author Nomura, Mizuki (Story), CHuN (Art)
Genres, , , , ,
Published Oct 20, 2011
Status Ongoing
Views1022 Views
latest Chapter Ch. 7
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Sinopsis Aoi Hikaru Ga Chikyuu Ni Itakoro

Hikaru Mikado, the boy who loved every flower, suffers from a sudden death.
Koremitsu Akagi, a boy without any friends, is treated like a delinquent because of his evil looking eyes.
When the ghost of Hikaru appears before Akagi, the story begins―!

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